Best Vacuum For Wooden Floors

Best Vacuum For Wooden Floors

For many home owners nothing beats wooden flooring for being attractive, warm and of good value for their home. When you get it right, wooden floors can last for years and fit with multitudes of looks and d├ęcor over that time as tastes and popular styles change. In fact unlike with carpeting or tiles, hardwood gets better with age. In general they also tend to add value to a home but the problems comes in keeping them clean. They can show up dirt more, using a dust pan and brush and mop may not be super effective, and then all that happens is the dirt gets moved around but is still there. A good idea then to take care of those floors is to make vacuuming wooden floors more effective.

Best Vacuum Cleaner Brands for Wooden Floors

When vacuuming wooden floors the best cleaners will make sure you still have the luster of the wood left intact without having to use more strenuous cleaning methods. Trying to find a good cleaner for vacuuming wooden floors can be a bit of a task considering there are a lot of different types of vacuum cleaners out there today. However not every cleaner is suitable for wood, some will scratch or leave marks and even cause damage. Therefore we have a list of 4 good brands of vacuum cleaner suitable for wooden floors.


dyson_vacuumsIf budget is not a problem Dyson certainly has some of the top vacuum cleaners on the market right now. Full of innovation, style and strong cleaning capabilities that use powerful centrifugal forces to suck up dirt and debris and no loss of suction. Dyson is certainly at the forefront of vacuum technology and are bagless so no need to change bags when they are full. They have several options that are suitable for vacuuming wooden floors such as the Dyson DC25 vacuum cleaner.


Miele-vacuumsAnother top brand on the market thanks to the efficient German engineering creating very well designed vacuum cleaners that are great at deep cleaning and filtering dust, debris and irritants from the home. This company has a great reputation for products that are durable, of good quality and being great for allergy sufferers. Most come with a lot of different features like options for keeping it quiet, suction control, natural hair brushes for the floors and much more.



Hoover is likely one of the most well known companies for manufacturing vacuum cleaners and has been around for many years. It can be found around the world and is noted for its excellent suction power, great design and top quality. For years after it started out in North Canton, Ohio it was at the top of the game, to the point where ‘Hoover’ became a term used for any vacuum cleaner in the UK and Ireland. There are a variety of options Hoover manufacture that are great for vacuuming wooden floors, you can get light cleaners or more sturdy options there is even the Hoover wireless vacuum cleaner. As well as being a top innovator favored in Europe it is also extremely successful in the US and Australia.


electrolux vacuums

Electrolux is another fine brand that knows how to make a cleaner that lasts. It is possible to find 40 year old machines still working today. They use HEPA filters to ensure their machines a good for allergy sufferers, and the bodies of the machines are sealed to prevent small particles escaping. As well as being durable they offer cleaners that are affordable too. If durability along with quality are your top concerns you will not go wrong opting for an Electrolux for vacuuming your wooden floors.

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