A Soulful Summer Playlist

The sense that there’s something beyond the material, or, if not beyond it, not entirely consistent materially with it, is I think a very important matter. What you could call the numinous, or the transcendent, or at its best I suppose the ecstatic. I wouldn’t trust anyone who didn’t know what I was talking about. We know what we mean by it, when we think about certain kinds of music perhaps, certainly the relationship...between music and love.

- Christopher Hitchens

Last week's Meaty Summer Reading List was such a big hit (not really) that I decided to make a similar list of soulful new songs you might want to sync to your iPod this summer. New hip hop, soul, folk, rock, post rock - we've got it all. (There will also be a Harlem River Dispatch in the coming days with a list of forthcoming movies to keep an eye out for.)

We've also linked directly to download sites, mostly on Amazon. Be sure and click around, because some of the downloads are free!

Without further ado, the First Annual By Way of Beauty Summer Playlist:

1. Matisyahu - "Sunshine"

3. The Walkmen - "Heaven"

5. Josh Garrels - "Farther Along"

7. Trevor Hall - "The Return"

13. Bruce Springsteen - "Rocky Ground"

14. Neil Young & Crazy Horse - "Wayfarin' Stranger"

16. Smith&Weeden - "Angeline"

18. Jonsi - "Gathering Stories"

19. Tom Jones - "Lone Pilgrim" (Bob Dylan cover)

21. The Beach Boys - "That's Why God Made the Radio"


  1. Love the Rebecca Ferguson track. Wow!

    1. I do too! That was one of those random tracks I stumbled on that I was very happy to find. Check out her song "Nothing's Real But Love" too...a lot of her album "Heaven" is really good stuff.

      Glad you're enjoying the blog!

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