Dyson V8 Absolute Review

Dyson V8 Absolute Review

Dyson V8 Absolute Review

Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson is a top manufacturer of all kinds of vacuum cleaners but a large focus is on developing the best cordless vacuum cleaners, both robotic and handheld. However a large issue these types of cleaners face is the battery, how powerful it is and how long it gives you to clean your home. The Dyson V8 Absolute is one of its latest lines of cordless handheld cleaners so lets have a look at what it has to offer and how it is delivering with that battery.

Improvements and developments from older models to this one

Dyson-V8-Absolute-vacuum-cleanerOne of the claims Dyson makes about the V8 Absolute is that it has a battery life that is twice as long as most models and is now able to fully replace a corded cleaner. It first came onto the scene in 2007 and has been updated and re-developed over the years to improve its power, battery life, cleaning time and how energy efficient it is. They now have more attachments, tools and wands making them a far more viable alternative to full upright corded vacuum cleaners, able to take on any job they can. Now with a better battery in the V8 than the V6 line Dyson claims their cordless can give you at least 40 minutes for effective cleaning time, so unless your home is on the large side this should mean you could clean your home with it without having to take a break for charging.

Another development in the V8 is the maneuverability has improved and it is less cumbersome and a lot easier to use. Tools are easy to place then its a matter of pulling the trigger and you are off. Attaching and detaching tools is quick and simple, a button press to move it apart and then snap into place what you want next. When you want to move from floor cleaning to crevice cleaning, or from crevice cleaning to a hand vacuum this takes just seconds now. The only negative thing about the tools perhaps is that you do not have space for on-board storage so have to store them separately and keep them somewhere close by when you need them.

If you like the feel of a cylinder wand but get annoyed by the unit you have to drag around and how heavy the connecting tube can feel this is another option. When you attach the cleaning head and wand the Dyson V8 Absolute feels more like a cylinder vacuum but without the clumsiness. It does not feel like an upright but it is easy to get used to it. That difference in the distribution of weight means the vacuum is so much easier to handle and move around.

Using the Dyson V8 Absolute

Power and suction

There is better balance with this vacuum, which means cleaning the stairs and doing jobs that are best suited to handheld cleaners is easy with the Absolute. You can change between normal and stronger suction with a switch at the top, great for when there are tougher jobs to be done. Normal can handle most jobs easily though even on deeper piled carpeting. It is quiet too, especially when you are using the fluffy head attachment on hard flooring. When you switch to max power the suction power increases significantly but the noise does go up too and of course it is harder on the battery so you lose some cleaning time. It is something that might be needed now and then but you do not need to run it continuously. Without a powered head the battery should last for 40 minutes, with the fluffy head that goes to about 30 minutes, the spinning brush for 25 minutes and then on max mode it drops to just 7 minutes.

Cleaning performance


On hard flooring you need to use the soft roller cleaning brush as it is more effective than the bristled brush. The latter tends to fling around larger debris. The soft roller though is designed to pull in crumbs and dust and such. On carpeting the motorized brush is best and the agitation in the V8 is better than ever. Even when using the normal power mode it cleans most carpets effectively however this is not going to replace your main cleaner of you live somewhere with more room as it does have a small dust bin. It is good for when rooms get more traffic than others and you want to spot clean them, or for doing quick clean ups after pets. It cleans upholstery well with its various useful tools, but in particular with the mini motorized brush that lift up debris, dead skin and even pet hair leaving them a lot cleaner. It is also good at cleaning up after messy children.


The Dyson V8 Absolute is an easy to use cordless upright that changes easily into a handheld making it a great flexible option. Improvements have been made so that for some it is possible to have this replace a large, heavier and clumsier vacuum cleaner. It is light and maneuverable so no strain to lift or move around and it does come with a nice two year guarantee. However while the battery’s life and power have been boosted there is still the issue of a limited cleaning time, and that all batteries eventually will fade. However if you really want a battery powered vacuum cleaner but one with good cleaning power this is certainly one of the better options on the market, though being a Dyson model it is also one of more pricey ones too.

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