Fresh-Cut Friday - Levi Robin (And Edith Stein)

I was really happy to discover the music of Levi Robin, who will be touring with Matisyahu this summer. "No Worries," a track from his fantastic self-titled EP, is available for free download on his website. (Just enter your email address and click "Submit.")

(As I listen to Robin's EP today, especially my favorite track "Lions' Den," I'm reminded of the life of the Jewish philosopher Edith Stein, a personal hero of mine. Stein became an atheist as a teenager and, along with Heidegger, later became an assistant to Edmund Husserl (the founder of phenomenology). Her doctoral dissertation, On The Problem of Empathy is one of the most difficult books I've ever read - she was absolutely brilliant. She later became Catholic and a Carmelite nun, but continued to study and write philosophy. On this day in 1942, she was murdered at Auschwitz.)

Do not fear the lions' den
You'll be brought up to your fathers' land
And my cry is the longing of an ancient man
To return to his promised land
Going home again, out of this lions' den

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